Passionate about improving the efficiency and safety of traffic flow, our engineers have assisted many clients, both public and private, in hundreds of traffic engineering design and study projects in the Eastern United States.


Traffic Impact Study/Analysis: residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, mixed-use, infill developments and redevelopments

School Traffic Evaluations: traffic and queue analysis, internal circulation, loading zone traffic simulations

Operations & Safety Analysis: capacity analysis, corridor studies, traffic calming, complete streets, crash analysis & investigation

Traffic Simulations & 3D Visualizations: freeways, urban streets, toll facilities, unconventional interchanges and intersections, ramp meters


Construction Staging & Work Zone Traffic Control: interchanges, roundabouts, superstreets, intersections, bridge replacements

Signing & Delineation: freeways and conventional roads

ITS & Traffic Signals: signal design, electrical wiring and programing design, emergency vehicle and railroad preemptions, fiber optic and wireless communication, CCTV and video detection, ramp meters, system timing optimizations and implementations, and signal inspections

Railroad Crossing: inventory, evaluation, traffic control device design, and signal inspection