From travel demand estimates and need assessments to the development and evaluation of improvement alternatives, and the final construction plans, our engineers have extensive experience in delivering creative and cost-effective roadway improvement solutions consistent with the current design standards and future land use planning. We have the expertise in the planning and design for a variety of transportation facilities including intersections, roundabouts, superstreets, interchanges, greenways, bike lanes, transit stations, and toll facilities.


Roadway Design: interchange/intersection design, roadway widening, superstreet/roundabout, greenways, bike lanes, and multi-use paths.

Railroad Crossing: inventory, evaluation, traffic control device design, and signal inspection

Construction Staging & Work Zone Traffic Control: interchanges, roundabouts, superstreets, intersections, bridge replacements


Transportation Planning: data collection, land use analysis and travel demand estimates, roadway network and transit planning

Feasibility Studies & NEPA Documentation: alternative development and evaluation, traffic operational analysis, construction and right-of-way cost estimate, community and environmental impact evaluation, and public outreach